Question DRAM light flashing and no display ?


May 9, 2015
I have a PC tower I built myself a few years ago and was working fine until recently when it kept having error messages and shutting down if left idle for 5 minutes. After googling it, it suggested there might be a motherboard failure soi bought a replacement but waited to see how it went. Yesterday the PC wouldn't boot past bios settings no matter what changes I tried. Soi changed over to the be motherboard but now the DMOS light is either always on or flashing when I try to turn it on and won't boot at all. I've tried reseating the RAM, using alternate slots, e.t.c but no luck. So now finally giving up and asking for help 😂

I use Asus z170a
Kingston hyper X 16gb ddr4 (2x8)
Intel i7 6700
GTX 980ti