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Question Dram light on Mobo after failed bios update?

Jun 3, 2020
Hi there, I have an Asus Rog strix x370 gaming-f motherboard. I recently got a ryzen 7 3700x but needed to update the motherboard bios to use it. I put in my old ryzen 5 1600 to get the motherboard to actually turn on then I tried updating the bios from a flash drive. This is where I messed up so please don't grill me on this. I didn't attach the CPU cooler all the way to the old 1600 and I believe it overheated and died while trying to update the bios.

I got an AMD athlon 200ge that I know works to finish the bios update, with the cooler properly attached. Now the dram light on my motherboard lights up. No signal on my monitors, I tried plugging them in to the motherboard and my Gpu directly. Since the CPU is an athlon 200ge it has video output.

Asus has this thing called crashfree bios 3 where even if the bios is corrupted or whatever it will still boot up but you'll have to put in a flash drive to install it properly. The thing is I can't even get a signal because of the dram light. I tried each stick of ram solo in each slot and it won't go away. Could the CPU dying mid bios update possibly have messed them up?