Question DRAM RED Light

Mar 18, 2021
Hello, my PC has abruptly run into an issue. The day before it was working fine and today when I tried booting it nothing showed up on my monitors. When I looked inside I spotted that the DRAM_LED light is permanently ON and RED. I have 2 sticks of 16GB DDR4 on an ASUS Z-170.

I have tried removing each and trying out every single RAM slot with no success.
I have tried using the MemOK button and all it does is flash in different patterns and then it toes back to being red.
I have tried a different RAM from a friend but the issue is the same.
I have also tried removing the GPU and doing the same thing as before with no success once again.

I am certain the RAM is properly seated in the slots however lights and fans turn on but I’m not booting into anything.
I did check if power cables are properly seated and they are. I mean, why would they suddenly disconnect if everything was fine.

I’m all out of ideas here, any help is appreciated. Thank you!