Question DRAM/VGA/BOOT red lights issue on MSI X570 MPG Gaming Edge WiFi ?


Oct 24, 2013
Hi everyone, I really need some help right now because I'm at a total loss.

So basically I had been having some issues where my computer was randomly shutting itself off. In the past this as usually been due to dust so as per usual I did a deep clean including reapplying thermal paste, cleaning fans etc and since I've had nothing but issues. When I start up my computerthe EZ Debug LED's displays red light for DRAM, VGA and BOOT. Basically spenta whole Saturday trying numerous fixes and rebuilds to see if anything was causing the issue but it's the same every time. So I than thought it might be a bios issue so I have tried to FLASH the newest bios to see if the motherboard itself hadn't somehow reset due to removing the CMOS battery but I can't even get it to flash whatsoever. I don't even think I can flash it.

So I'm at a loss, done a bunch of research but most issues regarding the EZ debug relate to the CPU and in regards to my issues I'm not sure what's causing my problems but it's driving me insane. Below is some system info:

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi.
GTX 1070.
Corsair AX 760 PSU.
AMD Ryzen 3600.

Does anyone have any ideas? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.