Question DRAM Yellow LED on ROG Strix b450 f - gaming

Apr 18, 2020
I had my computer built for over a month now and this is the first time i ran into a situation like this and I'm unsure if it has something to do with Windows or my ram.

I was using my computer for work that I had to do before midnight and randomly, my entire screen froze and i was unsure what happened. My mouse and keyboard apparently weren't connected.

I looked at my motherboard and noticed the yellow LED that was being displayed from my motherboard, letting me know something was going on with my ram. I tried resetting my computer using the reset button but that didn't help since it turn off my monitor and didn't posted from there.

I turned off my power supply, which helped and hasn't happened since last night thankfully, and that did the trick. I turned my computer 5 minutes later and everything was functioning properly. i checked my bios to make sure my ram was in default settings and it was.

One thing i did notice upon turn on my computer again was that when it booted into windows, it prompted me a statement saying "updating your system" followed by window updates that were being completed.

I'm unsure what the problem could've been because I want to avoid this from happening again. Any thoughts to what could've caused the problem.

PC Specs:
Ryzen 7 2700x
ROG Strix b450f gaming
Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
ASUS GTX 1660 Super
EVGA 500w BQ Bronze
Nov 28, 2019
Try reseating your ramsticks, running memory checking tools as memcheck or memtes86, running sfc /scannow, and if you're still not sure you could also run a lot of other diagnostic tools.