Question Dram yellow light, green light cpu on startup


Feb 1, 2014
hey, I've just built myself a new pc and I'm currently getting a yellow light for dram on startup. the CPU light is green and I'm getting a startup screen asking me to press f2/del for bios in which my if I press the screen won't change. i thought it might of been the ram not being compatible however a quick google shows it is. what could cause this problem, The Q-Code on the motherboard also shows (02).

Motherboard: Asus Rog strix X-570-E
Cpu: Ryzen 5600x
Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz (CMW32GX4M2C3200C16)
Powersupply: Corsair (RM850X V2) (CP-9020180-AU) 850Watt 80+Plus Gold Full Modular ATX PSU
NVME: Samsung 980 Pro 500GB NVMe 1.3c M.2 (2280) V-NAND 3-Bit MLC SSD - MZ-V8P500BW


02 is the hardest to solve, because it has no exact definition, it's an 'electrical error' somewhere. Meaning it could be electrical with the ram, with any drive, with any cable even the keyboard and/or mouse or anything extra plugged into USB.

02 has been linked to bad hdmi cables, monitors with hdmi pass through ports, joysticks, external optical/sdd/hdd drives, bent cpu pins, ram improperly seated, cpu pressure on one corner by the cooler, gpu bios, lack of display port drivers allowing gates open, 02 is a jack of all trades miserable could be simply absolutely anything code.

My suggestion is pull the pc apart. Totally. Down to just the motherboard, 1 stick of ram in A2, cpu+cooler, psu mains and eps. Nothing else at all. See if it boots past the 02 and into bios. If it does, then start adding equipment 1 thing at a time, just the monitor, just the 2nd ram stick, just the keyboard etc, rebooting after every piece. Do so until you get the 02. Save any bootable storage until last

If you get the 02 with just the minimums, even after attempting to swap the ram sticks around, find a way to flash the bios and reset. If that's still a no-go, contact Asus.