Question Drastic Speed Loss Through Router


Mar 30, 2013
Greetings: Yesterday afternoon, I began experiencing connectivity issues with my internet. My service is Airmax antenna 15mbs up and down. Antenna model When I contacted my ISP (a small independant) I was told that the problem was with our router. I was running three PC's plugged directly into the router, TP-Link TL0WR940N V6. When just one PC was plugged into the ISP's modem, my speeds varied from 10mbs download 0.4mbs upload to 15mbs/dl and 2.5mbs/upload. My download speed almost never made it to the specced 15mbs up and down. Upload was always less than 30% of that. If I connected to the internet through the router, my speed dropped to less than 2.5mbs download and the upload was in the .25mbs range. Ping with the modem is around 80ms. As the ISP told us the issue was with our router, we made the 2 hour round trip to town and bought a D-Link AC 1200 router. All the results with this new router are identical to the old router. I've rebooted both the modem and the router about a dozen times as some online sources say that they need to get just the right connection and rebooting either might get them to finally agree on a protocol. This has not resulted in any improvements. All of our PC's are running windows 7 Home Premium. We've tried plugging each PC individually into the modem, leaving all wifi devices off, to see if one of the household PCs is the issue. All results from the speedtest are the same. Abysmal. EDIT: We swapped the ethernet cables from different computers to make sure that was not the issue, and the results were the same regardless of which computer was connected to the modem and what cable went to which router.
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