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Question Draw Distance Problem?

Jun 17, 2020
I have had a problem for quite a while now where on the lower half screen or so everything renders perfectly fine. Everything above this (imaginary render limit line) is there but has not filled in with the appropriate quality it should. For instance a shadow of a fence on one half of the line will look like a shadow of a fence should. On the top half of my screen it looks like a single black blob shadow.
As I move past this line it renders as it should and fills in properly. This happens on almost every game some more than others.
Just bought a new 1440p monitor and that has not fixed it.
Also about a month ago I got a RX570 which did not fix the issue either.

It isnt game breaking but it is really crappy for trying to spot people far away.

The pictures with the bush are ones on the old card when it was REALLY bad.
I have been able to improve it a bit with the new card simply by being able to raise the graphics settings to MAX on that game.

This last picture is with the newest graphics card. It is definitely not as bad but it is definately there still. The pictures of the shadows are from current card.

If it is a draw distance problem I don't know how to fix it. The settings are maxed out on Hunt.