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Question Dreadful Performance After System Upgrade

Apr 30, 2020
Hi guys, I recently upgraded my CPU, Motherboard and RAM. Now I seem to experience constant lag with some of the symptoms including:
  1. Whenever I hover over icons on my desktop there's a delay before the icon is highlighted.
  2. My games have been rendered unplayable as I am experiencing much lower fps (140fps to 90fps) and whenever I move the camera in games the fps drops to 30-40 fps (WSAD doesn't effect fps).
  3. Opening file explorer takes 3+ seconds, it was usually instant.
  4. Opening a new tab in google takes a few seconds, although it used to be instant.
Old Build: 4770k, GTX 1070ti, 16gb DDR3, 500gb SSD, 2TB HDD, 650w PSU, Bitfenix Phenom Case.

New Build: 8600k, GTX 1070ti, 16gb DDR4, 500gb SSD, 2TB HDD, 650w PSU, Thermaltake Core P3 Case.

My troubleshooting:

So far I've tested my memory and it has shown no issues. However, in speccy it shows 1196MHz instead of 2400MHz.
I tested my CPU with the intel diagnostics tool with no errors.
Although I haven't changed my GPU I used DDU to do a full reinstall of my graphics drivers.
I've tested my storage drives with no issues.
The motherboard bios have been updated and chipset drivers updated.
I have reseated my ram and used the alternative dim slots (Dimm A1 and B1)

Possible conclusion:
My GPU is connected to the PCI-E slot with an extension ribbon to allow it to have a vertical orientation (Thermaltake Core P3 Case) and there's an issue with the cable.
My motherboard has a PCI_E PWR1 connector which is intended to offer power for multiple GPU setups. From what I have read, it is not required for single GPU's with onboard power connectors such as the 1070ti so as my PSU does not support it I have not plugged it in.
Time to reinstall windows?

However, this doesn't seem likely as it doesn't seem to be an issue isolated to the GPU.
I would appreciate any possible ideas people have.