Drevo Blademaster Wireless TKL RGB Mechanical Keyboard Breezes Past Kickstarter Goal

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Nov 1, 2010
Sixty-four hours of battery life is kind of a disappointment when the Logitech G613 advertises 18 months of use. Tom's Guide's review mentioned that was assuming 8 hours of use per day, but that's still a tremendous amount of time. Even under those qualifiers, 64 hours for 8 "days" of use is not very long. That said, if you're really into the aesthetics, 20 hours of use per day for an RGB wireless mechanical keyboard isn't bad if you're willing to just plug it in to charge every night.
A "wireless keyboard" that you have to plug in with a wire to charge after every 20 hours of use. : 3

Did they stop to think that maybe there's a reason why you don't typically see backlighting like this on a wireless keyboard? And since the keyboard is quite thick, with large keys that stick out, it's not exactly going to be all that portable. So, it will probably just sit plugged in with a wire at a desk most of the time.
Too bad it can't be made where every key is a piezoelectric generator. The more you type and game. The longer the charge lasts. Perhaps it can but costs too much. Pair that with a bank of solar cells along the top.

What I do wish is someone would create a an extended, 103 key, ergonomic, wireless keyboard with Cherry switches for under $100. I don't care about gaming, lighting or media keys. I just want a nice, comfortable keyboard for typing and ten key. Preferably Logitech, so I only need one transceiver, but another major brand would suffice (Microsoft, Corsair). The Logitech G613 looks nice but it's not ergonomic and I don't know how well Romer-g switches hold up.
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