DRIVE D is Locked by Bitlocker.


Nov 14, 2013
drive D of my system is locked by bitlocker,the guy using this system has left the organization & is not willing to give the password or recovery key,i joined on his place & is given this particular system for my work.please help as i am unable to open the drive.

No. What you can do is reformat the whole rig and reinstall the OS. That'll give you a fresh brand new rig, but, you will not have any of the old data available to you. As long as you are just an employee of the organization, it basically, is not your problem.
If it's a machine made by Compaq or Acer or one of the brands, meaning, if it's a branded rig, all you need to do is just recover the machine to it's factory settings, but, once again you'll not have any old data available to be used. But, your drives do get free for further use.

PS: I for got to ask you , if you have tried to disable the Bitlocker Encryption from the Control Panel??
Cannot be helped. Firstly get rid of your email from the post. Secondly, you need to get used to life online and stop typing with the CAPS on.... or you'll not get a reply, it's rude.
You need to get intouch with the Systems administrator at work. He'll help you out with the problem.