Question Drive shows in BIOS not in windows?


Jan 11, 2018
My system crashed because I added a drive in sleep mode (guess I should have shut down first).
Then windows entered a strange stage: many of my drives, including the boot drive, disappeared from windows and therefore could not boot. I had to replace the boot drive with an old boot drive then shutdown again and then re-connect the original boot drive in order to boot up.
Then I noticed several hard drives disappeared. They still exist in BIOS but not in windows (not in disk management and not in device manager). Eventually I bring them back one at a time by some random combination of these action:
(1) connecting another drive to the cable
(2) changing the BIOS setting from SSD to hard drive
(3) changing the BIOS setting from disable hot plug to enable
(4) change back to disable hot plug
Now all the drives work again but I'm still not sure what really happened and how to prevent, or recover from this in the future. Any ideas?
windows 10
UEFI asrock mobo z97 killer LGA 1150