Driver 4890 for windows server 2008

Ivan Alexandrov

Sep 19, 2009
Hi all
I have a problem with installing ccc on windows server 2008 64bit
last week i get saphire 4890 card.
first i uninstall driver for my last nvidia 8600
Then i put new card in computer and try to install driver from original cd
somewhere in dialog just see the message "this program stop worked" with buttons debug and close program :pfff:
i tried this with all 64 bit drivers found in but with same effect. :ouch:
if someone solved this problem, please tell me how?



Try to install the ATI drivers@ command prompt. This will allow you to install and bypass .net frame related installation issue. I have 4890 on one of my PC with visual studio 2008. Installation of ATI driver results to ATI-Install Manage stop working.

Log in as admin, open a command prompt look at the procedure below(Its reference on 9.6 driver install)


Uninstall ATI Software.... type the following:

atisetup.exe -Uninstall

The process or progress will be updated on your command prompt window.

When its finish reboot.

When you log in your computer will be using generic gpu driver.... The fonts will be large.

Log in as admin the open a command prompt

Go back to the same folder


to install type

atisetup.exe -Install - Output screen

The progress will be displayed in your screen (see walking dots...)


To display other options at command prompt you can type.

atisetup.exe -? ... It will list down the options

I hope this helps.