Question Driver causing restarts

Nov 26, 2021

I recently put together a pc that is having issues whenever I put stress on the GPU. Almost immediately after launching FurMark or GTAV the reboot happens.
Here is my build.

I have done some troubleshooting but I am at a loss as to why the random resets continue to occur.

Recently I replaced the RAM with the current 16gb of SP RAM. I switched back to the original 8gb of RAM with no change.
I swapped the GPU to a known good pc and the GPU performed fine in FurMark. I then thought the PSU was overloaded due to the three HDD's. I unplugged all three and tried FurMark again and it still crashed. I've also monitored temps on GPU-Z and I haven't seen the GPU exceed 40 degrees C. Installed the latest Nvidia drivers as well. The only thing I can think of is the PSU is faulty? All of these parts are less than six months old.

Update: The issue seems to be the driver. If I reinstall the driver FurMark and GTAV run flawlessly. Once I reboot the issue comes back again. Any advice?

Update#2: Something strange going on. The driver will only work if I have the original 8gb of RAM and all HDDs unplugged and reinstalled the driver. It still does not work after reboot. Memory issue? Driver issue? Power? I am at a loss here. Any advice is welcome.
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