Driver for the HP 1000 Scanner...?



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I want to connect an old HP 1000 Phot Scanner (USB 1.0).

Can't find the Driver for it. All I can find on the net is an
upgrade to the Driver, but it needs the original Photo Image 3.9...

Does anyone know how to get the basic driver for thissmall (4 x 6)
scanner ?


Mar 25, 2008
Has anyone ever found any info on this? I've recently picked one up with a bunch of other stuff. I can get the scanner to scan across the plate, and Windows XP/Vista both try to uninstall an "unknown" USB device, or sometimes a USB storage device, and sometimes even say something about a scanner... but it never shows up under scanners, and I can't seem to get any communication across.

One thing I am able to do is when it shows it as a drive, I can open up a text file within the drive, called INIT.txt. All it does is list the name and model # of the device.