Feb 25, 2005
Dear kind, helpful, hopefully computer savvy person,

I understand I have written a novel, but it's really quite an interesting story. Let's hope that by reading this we can all learn of "some sweet moral blossom." (I'll let you guess where that came from)

Let me thank you in advance for reading my book; I really need help!

Let me start by saying this: Due to the condition of my computer, I have been forced to write this entire letter in safe mode. Obviously, my computer is highly unstable and I am not able to determine what is causing this condition. It simply baffles me.

Over the last summer, I built this computer with roughly 2k of my hard-earned money and would like it to be operational. I originally had Windows xp x64 Professional installed on the pc for its first boot. The OS worked on the system for roughly 3 months; until I got fed up with the fact that nothing was compatible with x64. I then bought Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, which I hoped would solve all my compatibility problems. Strangely, the OS worked on my system for roughly 1 month, then all hell broke lose... :evil:

The system started acting strangely and erratically; it often crashed and displayed blue screens of death telling me about "Bad_Pool_Callers" and "Driver_IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal". I really wasn't sure why my computer had betrayed me, so I thought a nice low level format to clean the drives and a new instalation of Windows would do the trick. I reinstalled all the drivers and AGAIN my computer was soon crashing to blue screens of death. So, I tried some things...

I did ANOTHER low-level format and within the SAME DAY of the Windows instalation my computer was once again crashing. My friend, you may know him as PCKid777, thought it may have something to do with the drivers; so we maticulously downloaded and installed what we percieved to be the correct drivers. I then reinstalled Windows for the fourth or fifth time (I lost count) and installed the new drivers. My computer lasted a whole day before it crashed again!! I was proud (sarcasm). I think I have been through quite enough of this computer problem bs and am inquiring if anyone knows of some sort of remedy for my chronic crashing problem. My computer looks like this:

Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard
Maxtor 250 GB HDD x2 in raid mode 0 (SATA)
BFG GeForce 6800 x1 (I'm going to get a second to do SLI soon)
2 GB of OCZ Platinum EL Ram
AMD Dual Core Athlon x2 64-bit processor
NEC CD-ROM drive
company x floppy drive
Some gigantic ADDTRONICS server tower (I was going to get a tsunami case, but I ran out of money at the end of the project)
I think that's about it

Anyway, thanks for reading my miniature novel. I will be having a book signing at your local Asus retailor (not). As you may have been able to tell from the sarcasm and severity of my letter, I am thoroughly agitated about the disfunctionality of my PC. :x I hope someone can help; I just don't want 2 grand of my money to go to waste.

Thank you,
Matthew McLaughlin
(I'm so creative with my names)


Dec 15, 2005
Have any diagnostics been done on anything? I have seen similar problems with bad or incompatible memory. Also, I would check to make sure hard drives are fine (manufacturers have diagnostic programs on their websites). What abut the power supply, what kind of voltages are you getting? Also, make sure all BIOS settings are correct. All this being said, it still could be a driver issue, but I'd check all hardware first.


Jan 15, 2005

Possibly the most annoying Stop error that you will ever see, essentially is a memory error caused by a driver or piece of software that has caused an error accessing memory, It can also be caused by defective/unsupported hardware, so prety much anything :0(

When you get the stop error it will be accompanied by some information i.e.

Stop: 0x0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL*** Address x has base at x - filename

The parameters refer to the specific issues that are involved:
Parameter 1 - An address that was referenced improperly
Parameter 2 - An IRQL that was required to access the memory
Parameter 3 - The type of access, where 0 is a read operation and 1 is a write operation
Parameter 4 - The address of the instruction that referenced memory in parameter 1

Make a note of the stop error ESPECIALLY the "filename" as this can point you to a defective driver or the software/hardware at the root of the problem. do a Google search on the "filename" To help you narrow it down.