Question Drivers problem with Nvidia Rtx 2080

Mar 4, 2019
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Basically what happened: I went and took a shower, when I came back, only one of my 2 screen was working and my resolution was 800*600. I tried rebooting, nothing happened.
When I look in device manager, i saw my graphics card with a yellow triangle, i tried uninstalling the drivers, rebooting and reinstalling but the drivers do not install.
Everytime I try to install the drivers, it says succesfully installed, I restart the PC and I still have the small screen and the driver do not seem to be installed. I tried using geforce experience, I tried installing an older version, I tried installing the newer version on the website, nothing worked.
(The card's light is on and my computer seems to be recognizing the card)
(When I boot I get a message: Fail to load dlls. Please install VGA driver. ---> I think this is because on booting my computer tries to open up ASUS GPU tweak but it doesn't work because there is no drivers installed)
(The basic windows essential driver do not seem to install either)

Please help me, I am out of ideas.

CPU: intel 4770k
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080
PSU: 700 bronze certified
Motherboard: MSI z87 g43
Ram: 16g of corsair vengeance