[SOLVED] Drives disappear from File Explorer

Jan 17, 2021

Been having this problem for a couple days. Upon every reboot, two out of my three drives keep disappearing from file explorer. They do appear in my Device Manager and always come back as "Unallocated" space. One is an off brand HDD that's worked just fine for the past 4 months, and one is a brand new Kingston SSD (1 TB and 500 GB respectively). Tried updating drivers, switching SATA ports, even switching out the cables themselves, still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated as all data is wiped from these drives every single reboot, and is extremely irritating.

Kingston 500GB SSD
Ex-Laptop drive 1TB HDD
Samsung 500GB NVMe (working just fine)
Ryzen 7 3700x
Radeon 5600xt
X570 Aorus Elite MB
2x8GB G.Skill 3600mhz