Dec 24, 2020
I was carrying my brand new alien ware aurora 11 and it was double boxed and had the shipping styrofoam but I tripped over tmr dog and fell into the wall then the box fell about 2-3 feet what could happen do I need to return it?
If this is in the original, sealed box, then it probably is perfectly fine as UPS will regularly drop boxes in the same manner. If there's any problems, it's new so you've got the warranty. :)
Aug 10, 2020
What if it was defective and didn't work, before you dropped it? Most electronics is not tested before it is shipped.
On a positive note, if it is under warranty then go ahead and swap it out. It will give you some peace of mind.
Working decades ago in computer stores: yes, some times the boxed computers fall from the "high steel" when boss wants a floor display. And if it doesn't dent in the corner of the box, noone will know. No customers ever returned a computer because it didn't work as expected.