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Question DS4 controller for PC has bluetooth connection issues

Jun 27, 2020
Not sure if this belongs here or in Windows 10.

Pairing works fine, it stays paired, but it won't connect for more than 10 seconds before disconnecting. I wouldn't be able to do anything in it before the controller just disconnects.

I've tried

1. Installing the newest drivers from GeForce Experience, and checking newest drivers in Device Manager on all bluetooth connections. All are up to date.

2. Disabling Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

3. Going to Properties -> Services and checking Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID). This doesn't work because once I check it, I go back and see that it didn't recognize it as checked and auto goes back to unchecked.

4. Plugging it in with a USB cable and doing anything through there at all. This doesn't work because in Devices and Printers it recognizes the bluetooth connection and USB connection as two different controllers.

5. Deleting the Wireless Controller connection in Bluetooth devices

6. Deleting the Wireless Controller connection in Device Manager. Which now I can't figure out how to get back it seems its just gone forever. Don't know how important that is but the controller does still pair.

7. Using DS4Windows. It only is recognized as paired and not connected, so DS4Windows can't recognize it and in the controllers tab it reads "No Controllers Connected (Max 4)"

8. Both restarting my computer and a full shutdown and startup.

9. Finding a dodo bird

10. Painting a continent

11. Driving your sister insane