DSL Modem -requesting help


Sep 24, 2014
Hi, I'm hoping someone can please help me with a computer dilemma. My cousin Mike recently passed away and he left me his computer. He built it himself and there is no ethernet port, so I am unable to connect his system to the internet. He had used some kind of wireless usb drive (antenna?) and I have no clue what to buy or how to connect the machine online. Mike taught me almost everything I know about computers so while I know some things, I never learned about routers, wireless networking or how to install an ethernet port. Without Mike, I'm now feeling really lost because he was always really good at explaining how things work. He'd open up the computer and show me where the hard drive, fan, graphics card, motherboard, etc all were and what the differences were between an integrated graphics card vs. dedicated, which manufacturers were better than others, and tons of other information that have helped me to better understand computers. As a result, I have a pretty good understanding of those things but I don't understand about routers or modems because we never got around to talking about them. Also, Mike never used technical lingo... it was always more of just two people having a fun conversation. My brother is a huge IT guy and I asked for his help a few times, but he uses high-level technical language that I simply don't understand. I'm already frustrated because Mike was not like that at all and I'm missing him alot because he's gone. So, I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help me. I'd like to be able to use Mike's computer because it was the last thing he built before he passed away. Currently, I have a dsl modem. However, I'd also like to upgrade it because frankly, it's really old :) lol So, I guess I'm looking for a dsl modem, a way to connect it wirelessly to Mike's desktop, plus a router so I can use my laptop too. And, while I would like quality equipment, I also need to be careful of my costs. I'm hoping for suggestions that are medium to high quality with a price range of roughly, $200- 250 (plus taxes) for everything? Thanks alot :)

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