Question DSL to Ethernet Options


Jul 16, 2016
I'm about to move to a new apartment that has a TAE connection. Before I recieved a DSL modem from my ISP which I then used as a bridge to my ASUS AC1900 for Ai Mesh. I won't be able to take the DSL modem with me and I don't really want to order a new one, is there an easier way to skip this bridge step without compromises, or would it be best if I just get another cheap modem as a bridge or get a proper DSL asus router with meshing?


Germany - correct?

The guiding factor is what your new ISP provides and/or supports.

If you do not use ISP supported/listed devices then any problems will be on you.

As a telephone (DSL) connection the incoming line to the new apartment most likely leads to a splitter (also referred to as a filter) that in turn divides the service.

Splitter: one telephone line in, two telephone lines out.

One line leads to the modem or modem/router serving your network.

The other line serves the telephones.

Start by checking the ISP's website. Hopefully they will have a listing of provided (you rent) or supported (you buy yourself) devices.

Along with some basic user information with respect to connecting it all up and the necessary configuration settings thereafter.

You can also find more information via the applicable User Guides/Manuals for the devices. I.e., the cables, connections, and configuration.

Sketch out a simple diagram of how you envision your network being set up.

Then start reading to delve into the details and determine if your plan is viable or needs some changing.
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