Question Dual 1080p or 1440p with these specs?

May 19, 2019

I'm on the market for a dual monitor setup but I'm having trouble deciding most things. First of all the area where I will out my desk is quite small and means I would only have a desk around 120cm, or at most 150cm but it would look out of place. The monitors I have narrowed down two are these two:
24 inch
27 inch

One of the monitors would be placed at an angle so they wouldn't be flat across the desk. The 27inch is obviously more attractive with the larger size, resolution and refresh rate, whereas the 24 is plain old 1080p but it is IPS which is a nice bonus. I use my computer for around 50/50 work and gaming. On the work side I do quite a lot with packet tracer and virtual machines so the larger resolution would be good. As for gaming I don't play anything too intensive, but I'm not sure my machine can handle games at 1440p or 95hz. Would it be better buying the two 24s for a lower price and using them for a few years, waiting for 1440p to become more affordable or is it worth buying the 27s as a future investment, since monitors are the least upgraded part.

Current specs in regards to gaming at 1440p
  • Ryzen 2600
  • 580 8GB
  • 16GB RAM