Dual 24" Display. Brand New dell 24" LCD with ATI Radeon HD 4350. Question on h


Jul 15, 2009
This is going to be on a DEll Studio desktop. If you are not familia with this particular desktop, one of its features is a HDMI port located on the back of the system, however i guess its on the motherboard because i got a graphics card from dell as well and that too has a hdmi port as well as other connections like hdmi and dvi and others.

My question is, if i am going dual display, how exactly do i hook it up?

What will happen if i plug it into the computers hdmi port and not the video card's hdmi port?

How exactly would i be able to get the best performance and visual clearity out of this dual display.

BTW the monitors are also hdmi, they have a port on the back of the screens. Thanks in advance for the help.
S2409W 24" Full HD Widescreen Monitor
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You can run two monitors off the 4350. It has VGA, DVI and HDMI.
Use DVI and HDMI at the same time if you can off of the video card.
This would give you the best.
You may be able to run a third monitor off of the computer's HDMI port.
No guarantees though.