Question Dual 27" 1440p 60hz - Futureproof?

May 19, 2019
Hi guys.

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to monitors but I am currently looking for a dual 27 inch setup. I use my PC for an equal amount of gaming and work which is comprised of coding, spreadsheets, packet tracer, word documents etc.

The problem I am facing is deciding on what type of monitor to get in regards to price, performance and future-proofing. My current system has an rx580, Ryzen 2600 and 16GB of ram but this will change of the coming years. I originally considered dual 24" 1080p which would fit my system ideally, however I feel that in the future these would be rather limiting as a monitor is probably the most infrequently updated piece of a setup. Next up would be 27" 1080p but I have seen nothing but horror stories with people saying it's too large a screen area for the resolution.

This lead me onto 1440p which, wouldn't have me running games at maximum but is more prepared for the future and increases the workspace for productivity. This is where I'm having trouble deciding. I'm happy enough with a 60hz refresh rate but am I limiting myself by not buying 144hz? Personally I'd pick resolution over refresh rate and I doubt I'll have a system that can run 1440p 144hz anytime in the future. So my question is basically, is there anything wrong with buying 1440p 60hz monitors?


Around £200ish each. Just the cheapest one with 1440p 27" with the most Amazon reviews. I've been looking at this one.
Not a bad monitor. AOC has a 32" 1440p for 195 pounds with a 75hz refresh rate and freesync. At 32" you would have the DPI of a 24" 1080p monitor. A different idea would be to use a 3440*1440 monitor. You get 33% more width than a standard 1440p, DPI of a 27" 1440p, and no bezel to get in the way. I have a Samsung C34F791 and love it. I would never go back to 2 separate monitors for home. It it amazing for gaming as well as work.