dual 4k@60Hz monitors with Dell Precision 5520 with Thunderbolt 3 -> DP + MST


Jul 2, 2013
Sorry if this is the wrong board for this question.
I'm trying to run an extended dual external monitor setup from my Dell Precision 5520 (specs). Both monitors are the Dell P2715Q4K model. They support 4K, and MST. I would very much like run them both @60Hz.
My Dell has an Intel i5-7440HQ CPU. Only possible video outputs are a thunderbolt 3 port and a HDMI port.

I was wondering whether my computer would be able to run these 2 monitors at 4k@60hz by using a thunderbolt 3 -> DP cable (e.g. this one from cable matters on amazon, this) to plug in my laptop to the first monitor, and then use a DisplayPort cable to daisy chain to the second monitor using MST. One concern I had was that I am using Ubuntu, and the amazon link posted above mentions that MST only works on Windows (other cables are saying similar things). Anyone know if this is true? That sounds ridiculous. Would I be able to run an extended display with 4K@60hz with this setup?
If this doesn't work, would a dell docking station suit my needs? This option is less ideal cause I'd prefer not to drop $250 to accomplish this.
That won't work. To use a DisplayPort daisy-chain, the connection would have to operate in DisplayPort mode, which only provides enough bandwidth for a single 4K 60 Hz display. You would need to find a Thunderbolt 3 monitor that supports Thunderbolt daisy-chaining, and I don't think any of those exist.