Dual 980ti's or a single 1080ti?


May 12, 2011
I have dual 980 ti's in SLI. But lately games I have been playing have not been using SLI support, which makes gaming in 4K not possible for me without the second card. All I keep reading about on forums when looking into this for individual games is that SLI is being supported less and less and is dying or already dead. I want to achieve passable framerates in 4K while gaming, it doesn't have to be 60fps but better than 30 or lower. When both 980 ti's are used and I play in 4K, usually with graphics set on their highest, I generally get around 38-45 fps, sometimes a little better, and thats fine by me. Would I see better or comparable fps with a single 1080 ti while playing in 4K and having graphics options mostly maxed out? I know it has much more vram which is important.
A single 1080 Ti would likely be faster in most games. However, if you've held out this long, it might potentially be worth waiting a bit more to see how the next-generation GTX 1080 successor turns out, which will supposedly be launching in less than two months, at the end of July. It's unknown how much longer it might take for partner cards with better coolers to appear though.