Dual boot 32/64 VISTA, 64 first then 32, no more boot option for 64


Oct 13, 2009
Probably a simple answer to my question, but I am stumped. I installed Vista 64bit on a new hard drive while 32bit Vista was still on machine, thus creating a dual boot system. It worked fine. I was able to boot into either 32 or 64bit. However, I decided to stay with the 64 bit and dump vista 32bit. I put vista 32bit disk in so that I could create and resize my other drives. (I should have uses my 64 bit disk, but I had a brain fart and failed to notice) Upon deleting the drive volumes, excluding the drive with vista 64 on it, I then created the new volumes, and then canceled out of the rest of the set up. Immediatley upon restart the computer failed to boot into the 64bit...the option was completely gone...I tried the bios and boot menu with negative results...the computer insisted there was no boot disk. I did not want to lose the files I had so I installed 32bit vista once again. Once completed...still no option to boot into 64bit...the files are all there but the boot record got all screwed up. What is the best option...I do not want to reinstall 64bit software and programs again...and in the end I want to have only the 64bit running.

Thank you in advance.


Aug 22, 2009
In XP, you would have had to gone to:

Control Panal > System > Advanced Tab > "Startup and Recovery (Settings) > And select "Time to display list of operating systems"

Not sure if thats what you was after. But Vista should be close to XP.

Hope this helps.


Aug 27, 2012
I know it's WAY after the fact, but for anyone that comes along from a search of a similar problem:
Get a copy of the Hirens Boot CD ISO and burn it to a CD. Keep this on hand, it is extremely useful.
Whenever faced with this sort of problem, you can boot to Hirens, and usually find a utility to repair your problem, if not, go to the 2nd page on the Boot CD Menu and you'll find the option to boot off of any partition on any drive. You just have to find the right partition with your now non-working OS. Worst case scenario is you have to do this every time, but typically a "Startup Repair" will fix your problem.

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