Question Dual Boot Mac/Windows - Files saved on Mac don't exist on Windows side

Nov 23, 2022
Hey guys, I have an old Intel Mac Pro that has a dual boot of Windows. Both operating systems are on their own SSD drives in their own preferred format and several other drives in various formats.

One of my drives is formatted in ExFat and I was expecting to be able to create a file on either system on this drive, and be able to access it on the other. However, sometimes when I save a file or move a group files and immediately switch over to use, there's no trace of them on the Windows side on this ExFat drive.

Eg. Last night I saved a file, on the Mac side the Date Modified shows 22/11/22 18:00 and moved a bunch of files into a folder. Switched over. The same file on the Windows side showed the Date Modified as 10/11/22 which was the last time I access the file and the moved files don't exist. When I go back to the Mac side, all of the files are there and updated.

Any ideas why this might be happening?