Question dual-boot PC randomly powers off momentary when running WIN 7 . . . . but not when running WIN 10!?

rob starrr

Aug 2, 2016
( Not sure what section to post this issue that is occurring more frequently with my home desktop, so if it should be somewhere else feel free to move it Moderators )

Hi there, I have a dell XPS 420 with dual boot of 7 and 10. When running WIN 7 the system occasionally pwrs off then restarts... AND it's been happening more frequently in the past 6 months. This reset restart randomly happens and can occur in 30 minutes or 3 hours or 6 after bootup.

NOW here's what's unusual, when running WIN 10 i don't have this issue, at all!!. Both OSs run off the same HDD, and there is plenty of free space. I could be browsing or idle when this occurs. Checking temperature is same running either OS, the #'s are: internal case air ~100 to 120 F, using HW monitoring SW; CPU(4core) ~100 F, GPU(gforce630)~100 F, HDD~98 F. The air temp just above Pwr Sply: ~100 to 125 F.

There are 3 fans pushing air into the case and 3 fans pulling air out in the back ( one is on the pwr sply), other is a fan on Graphic card thru isa slot and 3rd is just a simple isa fan.

Checking the AC input current, it's slightly more when operating in WIN 10 ( system has 8GB ram ), but within the limits of the Pwr Supply capabilities. i have installed some diag monitoring HW software, but no info comes up on how the pwr suply is operating because i guess the system/motherboard is too old, nor do i see any trend toward the occasional pwr off glitch that is occurring. ( the reset can occur at low temperatures... so odd huh! )

The CPU fan never stops spinning either. The desktop is used for mail/browser/video watching/word, ( not much excitement here and i run the same stuff "apps" in both 7 & 10 ). Just wondering if anybody else has come across this situation or has suggestions on additional troubleshooting. thanks
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