[SOLVED] Dual Boot Problem Win 10 and XP. PC won't boot into either of them.


Apr 11, 2008

I have turned on a PC we haven't used for a while and found this problem

It has Win 10 1803 and XP on a dual boot on it and as far as I recall it did work fine.

Now when I turn it on I see the Win 10 logo then it goes to the dual boot page. I have chosen both options but I either get a black screen or a flashing black then grey screen.

At one time I got a black screen that said it was Preparing Auto Repair, it was Preparing Auto Repair then Diagnosing and Preparing Disk Errors it may be over an hour.

In a couple of minutes it rebooted to the Win logo then a black screen with, 'To skip disk check etyc'. I let it run and rebooted to the Win logo again to the dual boot again.

Chose Win 10 and got the black screen and when I chose XP I got,, Could not read... Boot Failure.

Can anyone tell me where to go to now please?