Question Dual Boot Server Setup

Sep 27, 2021
Hello there, I am not sure if this is the right thread to be in but I had a question in regards to dual booting. So I have a server system that I have built and I have stored it away under my desk since I have no place to put it where I can have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. With this in mind, I have it set to where I can ssh into my current OS on there (Which is the Ubuntu server command line). The only issue is I want to put windows server 2022 on there but since I won't be able to see the screen so I won't be able able to choose which OS I want to boot into. Is there any software that I can use to set up maybe a smart boot menu for the server pc? I want to be able to choose between them without having to connect a monitor up. I know this question is probably really simple but I can't find anything about it.

Any help is appreciated!