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Dual Boot + Storage Partition = Video Errors


May 5, 2012
Hello! I recently built my first computer, and successfully set up my hard drive to dual boot Win 7 and Ubuntu 12.04, with a separate NTFS partition accessible from both OS's to store all of my music/videos/photos and the like.

After the initial set up, I copied the files from my old hard drive into the storage partition on my new one, and the only issue that I have come across so far is regarding seemingly random video playback errors from windows.

I use VLC media player on both OS's. For some reason when I am using Windows, some video files will give me various errors, including "...could not open the file..." and "...refers to a location that is unavailable..." or (with win media player) "...encountered a problem playing the file..." etc. Some of them open up and then just don't play at all, with no error message.

The videos that are "broken" are random... for example, if I have a full season of a tv show, only a few episodes will give me errors while the rest of them play back fine, even though all the episodes are of the same file type and in the same location and were downloaded at the same time. I know the files are whole on the hard drive, because they all work fine when accessed through Ubuntu.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause Windows to have trouble with some of my videos and not others, or (more importantly) how to get it to play them properly? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. :)

(I actually just posted this under the linux forum, as linux is what I use most... then I realized it probably would make more sense over here. My bad.)

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