Dual boot Vista-XP on different drives: how to remove Vista (the first installed OS with the MBR on the Vista Drive)


Jan 10, 2015
My PC was delivered with Vista installed and I created a dual-boot setup with XP on a separate drive. Now I wish to ditch Vista (I'll reformat that drive for future scratch use) and just use the XP disc (the Vista disc is starting to throw some errors so I need to get it out of the boot sequence ASAP)
As Vista was the pre-installed OS, the MBR and boot manager are on the Vista drive. I am confused about how I can change the boot loader so I can access the XP installation and remove the Vista disc (where the current MBR and boot loader are installed). Do I need to create a new MBR on the XP drive? I have tried to boot from the XP drive directly (by disconnecting the Vista drive) but the BIOS returns a "insert bootable device in the drive" message, even though the disc management in XP shows that the XP disc is bootable.
Any suggestions welcomed, please.


Remove the cable from your Vista drive, then boot from the Windows XP install media and when the options come up select recovery console. Once there type in 'fixmbr', this should fix/install mbr on the drive you have XP installed and allow you to boot from it.

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