Question Dual Boot: Win10Pro & Win11Pro, Are Applications That Were Installed and Run Under Win10 Accessible If I Boot into Win!!?


Jan 19, 2014
Hi, Guys,

The Title if it appears really says it all. I am dividing my system drive so that I can install Win11 on a partition and end up with a Dual Boot system.

If I boot into Win11, can I run the applications I have installed in Win10? Or must I install a 2nd copy from Win 11?

Please Advise,
and Warm Regards
Yes they will. The other Windows will show up as another drive. For a lot of apps, assuming you have their dependencies installed (i.e., one of those Microsoft Visual C++ versions), will run. Some may not, especially if you had to activate them (so you can't share say an install of Microsoft Office between two installs).