Dual boot XP, Vista and Solaris from the same hard drive?



I tried installing xp, vista and solaris on the same hard drive, but different partitions, but I wasn't successful. I installed xp first, then vista. And the two worked well. But when trying to install solaris Express Developer Edition, it worked successful, but my xp and vista became corrupted. Please help me out! Muhammad A. Sulaiman
You can use EasyBCD to link to a Solaris GRUB sector (which is different to a Linux one as it has to support booting from a ZFS root filesystem). I don't believe you can add a direct "Boot to Solaris" option to the EasyBCD boot menu. Again, if you use NeoGRUB you can't use it to boot Solaris directly, but will have to chain to a Solaris GRUB bootloader.

It takes a little messing, but it can all be done. Make sure the Solaris GRUB is installed to the Solaris partition then chain to it from NeoGRUB. The EasyBCD website should contain more details. Things get a little tricker with two disks and trying to boot OSes on each but, again, you just have to persevere.