Dual Card, Dual Display


Jul 26, 2009
OK, been researching this for about a week. Answered most of my questions reading forums/posts all over the net. I still have a couple of basic questions I need an answer to.

I have a DFI Lanprty UT NF590-SLI motherboard. It has 2 PCI-Ex16 slots. I DO NOT want to run SLI but do wish to run 2 video cards in them. I currently have an XFX 7950GT video card to use as my main card on my 20" Samsung and a GTS 250 for the secondary display, a 24" widescreen. I know the Nvidia 190.62 drivers support both cards so I only need 1 driver. I am using Vista and KNOW this is a must.

Question 1: How do I launch a game from my primary display and make it automatically start on the second display? (It is the 24" monitor driven by the GTS 250) I'd like to figure out if I can make all full screen 3D programs do this.

Question 2: On this board, the BIOS defaults to the second PCI-Ex16 slot as the MAIN, the top slot is secondary. I can change this sequence in the BIOS, should I for this situation? It would be beneficial, space wise, in my case to have the smaller XFX 7950GT in the top slot and the bigger GTS 250 in the bottom due to hard drive clearance and where the cables all run.

If anyone can point me to an Nvidia guide for dual displays and dual (Different) cards, I'd appreciate it.