Dual Cards Application Specify


Aug 10, 2009
Ok first I would like to say hi have been reading toms hardware for awhile (5-7 years) but never posted anything.

And I thought that I would throw this one to you guys

Ok the question at hand is for my brother that does CAD work in his spare time.

First off he has a 9600gt and my old 8800gt in his computer.

Now we wish to use the 9600gt for gaming and looking at possible softmod or flashing for the 8800gt to a quadro.

Now is there a way to tell which card to use for a CAD application or does it use the resources from both cards. (Seems stupid since uses different drivers and would probably run into issues IMO)

Note application is PRODESKTOP ( not supported anymore :p hahaha
) and possible later on MAYA. Note: the prodesktop app appears to not have any settings to specify the card to be used.

Is this possible through the nvidia control panel and custom settings or third party software.

And just to top it off its Windows 7 RC1 64bit

If anyone could clear up on how this works that would be great.

Thanks :)
You need only one card present to flash it.
Make sure you backup the old bios prior to flashing.
If the flash goes bad put both cards in the computer or put a PCI card and reflash using the old bios.

Here's another way for the 8800 GT.
Download the latest rivatuner and Quadro drivers. Install rivatuner and the geforce drivers that came with the card, then reboot and follow these steps:

1.) Open rivatuner
2.) On the upper selection area look for "Low-Level system settings" and open it
3.) Go to the NVStrap Driver tab.
4.) On the PCI DeviceID settings look for a dropdown box that says "Graphics adapter identification". Select "Custom" there.
5.) Cycle through the new options that you'll see now, until you find one that says (NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700). Press apply and Ok.
6.) Reboot your system.
7.) Uninstall the Geforce drivers and use Driver Cleaner Pro to make sure you got them all.
8.) Install the latest Quadro drivers.
9.) Be the happy owner of an FX 3700 for $120.