Question Dual Channel not working

Sep 12, 2022
Hi all,

So I’ve recently built my first PC and even though it works perfectly fine, I cannot get dual channel to work. I will put specs below but on my motherboard it states to use A2 and B2 first. If I slot the ram in to both A2 & B2 my pc will not boot, only the cpu fan and case fans spin, worth noting that although the case fans spin, the RGB doesn’t light up. I have checked stand off screws, single sticks of RAM at a time to see if my RAM is faulty, tried A1 & B1 and both sticks in A1&A2. All of this with no success. The problem only resolves when I place the RAM in B1 & B2. If I do this the PC runs perfectly fine and shows 16gb (2x8) installed. The only possible cause I can see would be I have a missing pin in my CPU (was bought second hand). Would it be that unfortunate that the one missing pin is involved with the memory controller or something else that affects Ram slots

sorry if I’ve missed anything out

specs are:
Aorus Elite V2 B550
Ryzen 5600x
2x8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
Stock AMD cooler
1tb Samsung Pro 980
GTX 1660ti