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Dual channel RAM (2x2) upgrading to Triple Channel


Jul 15, 2010
Hi, I'm considering of buying a new computer. The motherboard I chose (an LGA 775) supports DDR3 RAM, dual channel memory of course.

Now, I was wondering, if I buy 2x2 DDR3 RAM and later I'd like to upgrade to, say, an i7 CPU (LGA 1366) which uses triple channel memory, would it work if I just buy another DDR3 RAM stick (so that I have 2x2gb + another 1x2gb)? I know of the voltage difference but I was wondering if it'll run or if it's damaging.



The RAM itself doesn't care about 'channel count' - many two channel kits contain the same exact DIMMs as three channel kits - they're just sold either 2 & 4, or 3 & 6 at a time... I would do three things: be sure your RAM is a 'reasonable' speed (unlikely to get something ridiculous, like 2000, running on a 775); be sure the voltage required is withing the i7's range (1.5 - 1.65, ideally); and buy all three (six?) sticks now, so you're sure to get a 'matched set' - it's notoriously difficult to get 'mismatched' RAM to work decently, and you just never know if a given part number will be available from any manufacturer, even months from now, much less a year or two...

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