Dual Channel/Single channel Woes RMA RAM


Jan 18, 2003
Hi all,

I had 4 x 512MB PC3200 modules is a dual channel setup on my PC. I bought the memory about a year ago.

I have recently had troubles with some new applications and the odd blue screen, so I decided to run a RAM checker program. This program found one of the sticks had a few errors on it.

So I got the stick replaced. However, even though the stick is the same model, manufacturer, CL etc the whole specifications are the same, however the manufacturer has clearly changed the manufacturing process since the module has half the amount of chips on the stick as the old ones.

So even though on paper the chips are the same, clearly the manufacturers have changed the chip design. Putting this new "same" chips into my PC has since reverted the whole setup to single channel.

Is there any way I can "force" my PC to go dual channel? Since the modules are "the same" this should be OK shouldn't it?

The only other options are, put up with single channel (is it that important - or is 1GB dual, better than 2 GB single?), or replace the other 3 sticks - not cheap and I would just go single until I get a new board new year.

My current MB is a gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-9 running the latest bios version (F8).

Thanks for any help.


Nov 23, 2006
If the seller of the RAM has admitted that the memory was faulty and has replaced one of them, why don't you ask them to replace them all.
If they can no longer supply you with the components that will perform as before they should replace all of them so you can have the same performance, shouldn't they?

In short, dual channel is much better than single channel because it offers nearly double the memory bandwidth.


All he really needs is one more replaced. Unfortunately, if he didn't buy the bad stick as part of a "dual channel" pair, the manufacturer is under no obligation to replace a 2nd (perfectly good) stick. As Kugi notes, manufacturers ask for the return of both sticks in dual channel kits, even when just one is bad.