Dual Channel w/ 2X512 and 2X1GB sticks? Will it still work?


Apr 4, 2006
I have currently:

2X512 OCZ DDR2 PC6400 operating in dual channel.

I want to upgrade but don't know whether to just add 2X512 for 2GB or add 2X1 BG for 3GB total. If I add the 2X1 GB will it still operate in dual channel mode with the 2X512 sticks?

My mobo has 4 slots and is an ECS Nforce4M-a socket AM2 with AMD X2 5200+
2 GB should be enough for a 32 bit system.
3 GB is the limit for a 32 bit system.
If you add 2x1GB to your present system it will still run in dual channel mode.
Check your motherboard manual, make sure it will take 4 sticks of OCZ memory.