Question Dual Channel with different frequency

Jun 13, 2020
Currently i have a BLS8G4D240FSE but i cant buy another one bc is suspended, so i will buy a BLS8G4D30AESBK. Will dual-channel work?


Best case: buy all the ram you want in 1 kit, it's factory tested to be compatible for the 2 sticks. Seperate sticks, even identical ones, are not tested for compatibility.

Ram is made from silicon chiplets, those chiplets punched out of a sheet. Each sheet has slightly different properties, impurities, like 2 different gallons of paint are never the exact same color unless mixed as a single batch.

Consequently, there's no guarantee if the ram is compatible when mixing. It's a total unknowable, it may work, it may work with some adjustments or it might not work at all.

You could try 100 sticks and never get one that works right with your current ram, or get a perfect match first time. It's a gamble.

So we can't tell you what to do, we can only say what can possibly happen if you mix kits.

If it does work, ram always runs at the slowest speed, the highest timings and worst voltage of whatever is loaded. So a 3000 CL14 1.25v and a 3600 CL16 1.35v will run at 3000 CL16 1.35v in dual channel.