Apr 7, 2016
I upgraded my system to the specs below a little less than a month ago.
Til last night, I was able to use dual monitors(DVI -> E2350 LG Monitor, HDMI -> Sony Bravia TV) perfectly fine.
Today, TV shows "No Signal" not even at pre-boot.

  • replacing HDMI cables (tested 3 of them)
  • hooked the HDMI to the other monitor (the LG one)
  • clear CMOS
  • reset BIOS to defaults
  • reboot several times
Nothing of the above could bring HDMI signal back alive.
I don't think it's a windows driver issue because not even the BIOS or the startup ASUS logo show up (it used to appear in both screens). Also I installed the most recent windows 10 PRO version and all updates were applied successfully.

One thing I believe is relevant to mention is that the dual display mode is recognized and even applied in windows settings. The working DVI monitor is number 2 in the list, so if I click on "detect" will will show number 2. If I drag a window to the blank display, it feels like the window is put there, even though I can't see anything.

Oddly enough, even a print screen will give me a full dual display setup. The Sony Bravia is also detected as a monitor. Check out this link.

  • Assuming it's a hardware problem, how can I identify if it's either the motherboard or the processor's integrated graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 630), since I don't know anyone else with a 10th generation intel processor so I can test it?
  • Is there a way to reset something other than BIOS/CMOS to see if it comes back?
Thanks in advance

  • Asus B460M Plus Wi-Fi (full specs)
  • Intel Core i3 10100 (comet lake) (full specs)
  • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • PSU C3 Tech DSAII - 500VE
  • No dedicated graphic card
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Jun 27, 2021
I have a similar situation where I have same integrated UHD Graphics 630 PLUS NVDA GEForce TX 1660Ti. Each graphics system provides 1 HDMI and 1 Displayport. Working fine for 3 years. Now only HDMI ports work. Displayports are not working. Verified that the monitors can render an image. Coudl it be a driver update that was issue dthis week (not aware of such). It is a Dell Intel Core i7 9700CPU 3.00 Ghz