Aug 10, 2010
Hey everyone, i have what think will be an easy question. I have desktop here (work) with integrated video. They now want to have 2 monitors on this desktop.

They don't just want the same image duplicated on 2 monitors, they want 2 monitors so they can have different screens on each monitor (e.g. main and extended desktop).

I've been looking at video cards, splitters, etc. Would i be able to accomplish this by using the integrated video and a card i install simultaneously? I've seen video cards that have only one output but support 2 monitors, does that just mean they duplicate the same exact image on 2 screens, that's not what i need. same thing with a splitter, does it just split the same image to 2 monitors or let me have different screens on each?

So far i've been playing it safe and just shopping for a video card with at least 2 outputs, but this is a sff desktop, so the card has to be low profile. I tried a regular card and it was too tall. Anyone know my best way of accomplishing this? Thank you, and sorry for the length of my post, i tend to be very specific.