Question Dual DVI monitor - Totally STUCK!

Tim F

Dec 12, 2009
  • Background
I have as monitor that supports a maximum resolution of 2560x 1440 using its Dual DVI port. The monitor only has this port (no HDMI ports). Running from my PC graphics card also using a DVI output, this works fine.
  • Problem
I can't get any signal from my laptop into the monitor when using its HDMI output plugged into the Dual DVI port on the monitor. My understanding is that they are different signals. Do I require some sort of active device to do this conversion? I also can't get any signal when running from my PC graphics cards HDMI port to the Dual DVI port on the monitor.

  • End goal and reason for all of this
To complicate matters I have bought a TESmart KVM which claims to handle 4K 60Hz HDR10. I was hoping to take HDMI signals from my laptop and DVI or HDMI signals from my computer into the monitor so I could switch between devices. Without compatibility I won't be able to do this.

Any advice? If necessary I'm happy to upgrade the monitor, buy a converter etc.

Thanks, Tim
DVI has multiple versions. If the version of your monitor is DVI-A then the signal needs to be converted from digital (HDMI) to analog (that's what A in DVI-A means), using a active converter.

What is the model of your monitor?