[SOLVED] Dual GPU (RTX 2070 Super & RTX 3060) blank screen, no post - 850W PSU ?


You're looking at about 350W max. for both cards, plus the rest of the system, might be looking at 500W, double that and your PSU is under powered.
I would say stop swapping things around until you reset CMOS, see if it works then, keep the HDMI plugged into the same card at all times.
Warning about SLI in general, game developers stopped supporting it and so did card manufacturers, no physical bridge, means software will do all the work, loss of gains.
So get a 1000W PSU or work with just one GPU.
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Apr 2, 2022
SLI is not possible when using non identical cards, you can run both cards within one system but not in SLI mode, a 1000W PSU won't change this, it will only supply the right amount of power (if needed) to both GPU's.
Installing both cards seems unnecessary unless you're running more than 3 monitors, are you?
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Jul 14, 2022
Thanks for the responses, I actually returned the GPU as I feel it's not the correct card for my system. I instead am running the NVIDIA Tesla K80 with the RTX 2070 SUPER, with a CPU that has no video out. I got a 1200W PSU just to be safe, but I wasn't concerned about power for the initial boot since it should never peak.

The conclusion was, that the first gen ASUS B450 ROG Strix gaming mobo did not seem to support the dual GPU approach unless it was a gen 2 Ryzen chip. No SLI is to be done here, I am just trying to run a second GPU to do machine learning, with the primary GPU for my desktop. After switching to an MSI B550 I have no problem starting the computer with the dual GPUs attached.