Dual Layer Drive


Nov 15, 2012

I bought my kids an old refurbished HP compaq which runs Windows XP just so the could play The Sims. But the disc is not recognised when I put it in and having done some investigating I think it must be because the drive is not a dual layer drive. Is it just a case of purchasing and fitting a dual payer drive, is it best to use an external one, and how do I know if the system is suitable?

Thank you (from a technologically illiterate mum!)
What model Compaq are we talking here - an external CD drive should work (at least to get the game loaded onto the hard drive). Or, replacement is suprisingly simple - even for the technologically challenged although information gets scarce at HP as units age. We should be able to help if you decide to replace the existing drive or if you run into issues using an external drive.
One thing to note - a few years back, the standard for drives (optical and hard drives) was IDE (PATA), currently the standard is SATA - your system may be either - the easiest way to tell is by looking at the cables to the optical and hard drive - if wide, flat ribbon type cables, you have IDE, if thin, broad cables (look like standard electrical cord almost), it's SATA. That's the trickiest part of the whole replacement operation and now you're past that.

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