Dual look up table cards


Feb 22, 2009
I've recently upgraded to a dual monitor setup. I do not do any gaming so speed is no issue whatsoever. What I do need is an AGP slot video card that has support for two monitors, and which has separate color look up tables (LUTs) for each output.

Analog or digital out is fine as my monitors will accept both, but I suppose it makes sense to have both digital and analog outs for both channels just in case.

Again, speed is not an issue, so I'd prefer a lower power card.

What I need is good support for photo editing, and thus, support for full color calibration on both monitors. This means that both outputs need to have their own LUT.

I've read that this might require having two GPUs, but I'm not sure that's actually required depending on the implementation.

This will also need to run under Win 2000 if possible, so it'd be good to have decent driver support including W2K.

OK, after you pick yourselves up off of the floor from laughing so hard, is there any hope whatsoever for such a setup?


I am also trying to find nvidia or ati cards with dual lookup tables - probably only available on their very expensive models..
However, for years I've used Matrox 650 / 750 series which do seem to have dual lookups - actual dual headed cards, and allow for independent color calibrations for dual monitors in Windows (Xp and Xp-64 for sure) with Colorvision Spyders. The Matrox cards are great and driver stable, though not great for 3-D apps.