Question Dual Monitor Arm for 27" and 32" monitors, also a desk

Jan 12, 2020
Looking for suggestions for a monitor arm that would support a 32" and a 27" monitor. Looking for a mount with independently adjustable arms.

These are the two monitors:
1: VX2757-mhd 27" 1080p Gaming Monitor
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2. HP - Pavilion 32" Freesync LED QHD Monitor
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Would also appreciate suggestions for a simple desk (with no keyboard tray) that you could mount a monitor arm to easily and that would be ergonomically best for use with the monitor arms as far as height and size go. The simpler the better, I have a desk with a riser shelf along the back right now and it doesn't allow for an open area in back to clamp an arm to, and even if it did the shelf would block it anyway. It also has this stupid shelf along the bottom of it that is 3" off the floor that makes for a reduction in space where one might put their feet--not to mention everything in the world gets lost under there.

Thank you so much.


Feb 1, 2017
If both monitors are under 22lbs, you can get this: It's one of the cheaper options but it's still good quality.
I have it and it's a pretty solid stand.
Thanks for your recommendation! We're glad the stand's been working well for you! Since one of the monitors is 32" though, we also have a similar stand which should be able to better hold a 32" with the 27" (STAND-V002's size limit is 27"):

(Hopefully that link doesn't break any forum rules, since it's in response to another link to one of our products)
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